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 Camila Cabello tem 22 anos e começou sua carreira artística na Fifth Harmony, uma banda onde conquistou fama mundial. Em 2016, ele decidiu deixar o grupo para tentar a sorte como solista, e não foi nada mal.

 Para surpresa de todos, ela confessou que nunca se sentiu confortável cantando e dançando na frente das pessoas. Ela nem queria fazer isso por seus amigos ou familiares.

"Eu geralmente me sentia incrivelmente nervosa e sofria de ansiedade social quando era pequena. As pessoas sempre olham para mim incrédulos quando digo isso. Sinto que há duas 'Camilas' dentro de mim a vida toda ", escreveu no Instagram.

"Minha essência é a mesma, mas mudei muito como pessoa (...) forçar-se a fazer aquelas coisas que te assustam, sempre, e ir atrás do que você quer ou quem você quer ser porque você vale a pena"
, disse o cantora.

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I remember growing up hearing stories of the singers I loved, all the stories sounded the same, kids who would grow up performing for their families and putting on talent shows for their parents when they were little who grew up to be dazzling to me. I was the opposite, I never ever sang in front of my parents or friends and would get flustered when they would ask me to, I sang in my room when my parents left for Walmart and cried when one day I saw them filming me through the crack of the door, I got teary eyed when people sang happy birthday to me because people looking at me actually made me overwhelmed. I was generally incredibly nervous and socially anxious when I was little; and people always have this look of disbelief when I tell them that. I did an interview the other day where I got it again, the interviewer said something along the lines of “So... how’d you end up here?” The answer is, I feel like my whole life there’s been two Camila’s in me. There’s little Camila that is terrified of the unknown, is aware of all the ways everything can go wrong, (actually can picture them vividly lol), and thinks it’s safer to stay home than to play ball. Then there’s the other Camila. And she knows what she wants out of life, is aware of how little time I have to let little Camila run the show while time passes by, and grabs young me by the hand and forces her out the door saying “Let’s go. You’ll survive, and I’m not gonna miss out on this. Let’s go.” And that is literally how I can sum up how I’ve gotten to this point in my life. (I’m talking about as a person, not success.) remember feeling discouraged when I felt like some people were just “born” to do things. That they always had it in them. “They were always this outgoing, they always loved to entertain, they were always this bold, they were always this outspoken.” (.....continue)
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